About Us

What is the Animal Trust Fund?

logoThe Animal Trust Fund (ATF) registered charity no. 6323, Co. Waterford, helps animals across Ireland. It was originally started to help rescue horses after World War II and in 1978 the first “Deed of Trust” was drawn up with the objectives of rescuing horses and other animals in need.

Many organisations and individuals work tirelessly to alleviate animal suffering, and they rightly attract public support. However there will always be cases of animal cruelty or distress which do not come to the attention of the larger charities, and people who do not work easily or effectively under the umbrella of established groups. This is where the ATF steps in.

Since it began the fund has been used to help all kinds of animals which come to our notice through the efforts of individual welfare workers, groups and charities. Help is mainly given to individuals and smaller groups, but exceptions may be made if a charity shows evidence of exceptionally hard work, initiative and dedication in what are increasingly difficult times for animal welfare. Read about some of our animals…

ATF are proud to have a long running connection with the Animal Hospital in Tallaght.

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The Animal Trust Fund made its annual award to a dedicated animal rescuer and carer for animals, Mrs Maureen Scanlon of Gurteen, Co. Sligo. The event took place at Markree Castle and two of the Trustees, Robert Nicholson and Olive McKinley, made the presentation to Maureen. Read more…