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Christmas Cards


Beautiful Christmas cards, all original paintings are by an Irish artist located in Wicklow.
Pack of 6 cards for 5 euro.

1 euro postage.
All proceeds going directly to The Animal Trust Fund.

cat-christmas-card dog-christmas-card dog2-christmas-card dog3-christmas-card

Donate to The Animal Trust Fund


Help The Animal Trust Fund by making a donation today. ATF relies on generous donations from the public. Our funding comes from monthly supporters and donations. We are not a government agency so your donation is very gratefully received.  Your donation will help us Save Lives and put a stop to Animal Cruelty in Ireland.


Donate to Feral Cat Awareness


Our aim is to raise awareness about the plight of stray, homeless, abandoned and feral cats in Ireland and promote trap, neuter & return (TNR) as a humane effective solution.

We volunteer our time and petrol money to help feral cats. We ask for a donation of €55 for a male and €65 for a female which is less than half the normal veterinary rate for neutering/spaying. Every donation helps us help more stray/feral cats and kittens. Please donate what you can here.