How You Can Help

Please report cases of neglect or cruelty to your nearest animal welfare group, to the Gardai, if necessary, or to us. If you are thinking of getting a pet, consider a rescue animal. Set an example of care to children. And any donation big or small, will be a real help to keep this fund going.

Standing Order/Direct Debit

A standing order directing your bank to pay a certain monthly sum to the ATF is particularly helpful. Please email us at for more information on setting up a direct debit.


You can also set up a weekly or monthly payment via PayPal or with your Credit Card on our Donations page.


We greatly appreciate your fundraising/sponsorship efforts no matter how big or small, every penny is needed to help feed and home unfortunate animals in need of care.
Please see our Fundraising/Sponsorship page and take a look at our success stories to see a few of the animals you’ve helped so far 🙂